Why we xray from a Eureka Chiropractor

Why we xray from a Eureka Chiropractor in Eureka MO

Why we xray from a Eureka Chiropractor

From time to time we will be asked by a potential client if we xray our patients or do they have to get an xray. The answer to that question is yes, for some very important reasons.


There are a lot of traditional Eureka chiropractors who do not at least perform an xray to see what the structure of the body looks like. To me that is leaving the doctor vulnerable to missing something very serious. First and foremost why we choose to use xray analysis is for the safety of the patient. Xray analysis is a great way to rule out something very serious such as cancer, broken bones and infection. We do not view everyone who comes in our office as a nail.

The use of X-Ray film analysis in our office is paramount to specific analysis of a patient’s biomechanical and structural integrity. Knowing what the spine looks like and if there is any structural damage to the bones and discs will help in determining how much care will be needed in order to restore structural integrity.
Also, knowing the actual position of the spine will help us determine what structural corrective exercises and structural restoration to prescribe during the initial phase of care. These will help rehabilitate the soft tissue that has been damaged from supporting poor spinal alignment.

Not only do we use xray analysis for the safety of the patient but also to determine which areas of the spine that need specific attention. If we are not giving specific chiropractic adjustments it is really a guessing game. Random manipulations will not correct structure and carry the potential of causing harm.

On a rare occasion we do have someone worried about the radiation effects of an xray. In our office we use a state-of-the-art high frequency imaging device that utilizes minimal radiation on par with dental images. Our structural imaging is nothing like the x-rays that doctors used decades ago. Our only goal is to view the spinal segments…unlike typical high exposure medical x-rays which often reveal soft-tissue anomalies.
You wouldn’t purchase a house without looking at the inside. It only makes sense that we take an ultra-low exposure peak at your spine so that we can be as precise as possible in delivering the most specific correction possible.


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