Can Maximum Chiropractic Help You in Eureka?

Our focus

Our focus is Structural Correction of your spine. Our adjustment techniques, structural rehabilitation, structural restoration and complementary recommendations such as corrective exercises, nutrition, ergonomic recommendations and supplements are specific to each individual.

By correcting the structure of your spine, it will relieve pressure on the discs and nerves that are causing your specific secondary condition. Exercises, ergonomic recommendations, and proper nutrition helps to ensure what is corrected stays corrected.

We will detail exactly how Structural Correction – along with, structural corrective exercises and complementary recommendations will restore optimal structure and function to your spine. We will explain how an underlying Structural Shift (if detected during your examination) is directly attributable to your diagnosis.

Finally, we will present you with a customized plan of care that specifically designed to address your condition. We will also explain how you can protect your correction, your spine and nervous system throughout the rest of your life.

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