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Maximum Chiropractic

We are a Chiropractic office based in Eureka, MO that focuses on Structural Correction of the spine.

Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive solution to resolving problems related to structural abnormalities in the spine and nervous system, to allow your body to work at its highest capacity.

We are proud to serve patients from the greater St. Louis area.


Normal Structure


Dr. Baylard focuses on Structural Correction of the spine by utilizing specific corrective adjustments, structural rehabilitation, and complementary recommendations in an effort to correct a structural shift of the spine. What does that mean for you as the patient?

  • Specific Adjustments- Not just random “craaacks!
  • Objective Measurements- Pre and Post measurements so you can see and feel the difference.
  • Corrections that last- “you don’t always have to keep going to the chiropractor!” We will teach you how to protect your investment.


What is Structural Chiropractic?

Structural Chiropractic vs Traditional Chiropractic


Traditional Chiropractic

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In order to understand the difference between a traditional chiropractic office and our practice, you first have to understand the goals of traditional chiropractic care.

The goals of traditional chiropractic are:

  1. Decreasing muscle spasm
  2. Increasing range of motion
  3. Temporarily reduce your pain

This is what most chiropractors offer in the way of care. We believe most of these doctors do a great job.

There are some chiropractors who continue their education through additional certifications and coursework, allowing them to focus on other areas of chiropractic. One of those areas is called Structural Correction.

A chiropractor who focuses on Structural Correction is looking to correct structural abnormalities in the spine.

Structural Chiropractic

Think of your spine as the foundation for a building. If your house was not sitting properly on its foundation, would you expect the floors to creak, the walls to crack, and windows to work smoothly or not so smoothly? Now you can spend time patching all the secondary effects from the shift in the foundation, but you would be doing so with the expectation that in a short time the problems will have to be…..?

….Repaired Again….and Again….

And suddenly instead of achieving a true correction, we’re relying on chiropractic like a band aid getting us from one day to the next! Eventually we become a pretty expensive Tylenol!

In the vast majority of patients that find a way to our office, the issue is a significant Structural Shift. These patients are often referred to us by medical doctors and even other chiropractors because of the uniqueness of what we do. The Structural Shifts are the underlying causes that often reveal themselves as “symptoms” – or what Structural Doctors refer to as Secondary Conditions. Structural Correction focuses exclusively on the correction of the underlying cause – Structural Shifts.

What is a Structural Shift?

What is a Structural Shift

SSDNo one has 100% PERFECT structural alignment.  However, no different than normal blood pressure, normal vision, and normal heart rate, there is a range of what is acceptable and unacceptable when it comes to Normal Structural Spinal Alignment.

The body uses secondary conditions as warning indicators of a potentially more serious condition. A Structural Shift is just such a condition that may be the cause of your health problems. Our office focuses on detecting and correcting these shifts so that the body can heal on its own and function the way it was designed to.

What are Secondary Conditions?

Secondary Conditions

Your body’s warning system – your “symptoms,” may be an indicator of a more serious underlying condition. Some of the Secondary Conditions that arise from a Structural Shift include:

  • Neck & Back Pain
  • Knee & Hip Pain
  • Muscular Spasm & Tension
  • Cervicogenic Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Elbow pain
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Stenosis
  • Decreased Range of Motion
  • Poor Posture
  • Muscular Imbalance
  • Dizziness/Vertigo
  • Digestive Problems
  • Vision problems
  • Hearing problems
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Muscular Spasm & Tension
  • Ear infections

How to know if YOU have a Structural Shift ->

What Do I Need to Know Before My Examination?

After a consultation with the doctor, a perspective patient may elect to proceed to our Structural Chiropractic examination. As always, the decision is yours and there is never any pressure.

What to expect in our Structural Correction Examination:

  • Digital XRAYS
  • 3D Structural Analysis
  • Digital Photographs
  • BioStructural Analysis

The Structural Chiropractic Examination is not only designed to detect Structural Shifts, but allows for a better understanding of “normal” and a complete understanding of the underlying cause of your condition. Before your examination, you will be scheduled for a Patient Recommendation Conference where we will review your examination findings. If a structural shift is found we will make a recommendation for a plan of care that is specifically designed to address your condition.


***Please be prepared to dress appropriately for the examination. It is required that you have athletic/gym shorts available, and women should also come with a sports bra for accurate structural assessment.”


What are my treatment options?

Your Treatment Options

There are a wide variety of treatment options offered by both medical and alternative medicine practitioners. Most doctors are focused on pain and symptom relief (secondary conditions), and they do an excellent job. People often start with over the counter or prescription medication to temporarily reduce their pain.

If that doesn’t work, then courses of physical therapy/physiotherapy may be used to strengthen muscular weakness, address spasm, or increase mobility. Some individuals may elect for injection programs to temporarily reduce pain. In many cases when those other treatments don’t work out , more invasive procedures like surgery start to become an option.

All of these treatment programs are effective in the appropriate time and place and have different goals. Our goal at Maximum Chiropractic is to restore the structural integrity of your spine in order to restore normal nervous system function.

If during the consultation Dr. Baylard finds that Maximum Chiropractic isn’t right for you, he will make sure to find the best practitioner to help resolve your specific condition.

What can Dr. Baylard Do for me?

At Maximum Chiropractic…

Our focus is Structural Correction of your spine. Our adjustment techniques, structural rehabilitation, spinal restoration and complementary recommendations such as exercises, nutrition, ergonomic recommendations and supplements are specific to each individual.

By correcting the structure of your spine, it will relieve pressure on the discs and nerves that are causing your specific secondary condition. Exercises, ergonomic recommendations, and proper nutrition helps to ensure what is corrected stays corrected.

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We will detail exactly how Structural Correction – along with, structural corrective exercises and complementary recommendations will restore optimal structure and function to your spine. We will explain how an underlying Structural Shift (if detected during your examination) is directly attributable to your diagnosis.

Finally, we will present you with a customized plan of care that specifically designed to address your condition. We will also explain how you can protect your correction, your spine and nervous system throughout the rest of your life.

How do I work with Maximum Chiropractic?

Working with Maximum Chiropractic

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Baylard, please call us at 636.938.4414 or fill out the form below. Remember, this is a conversation, not a commitment to an examination or care.

You’ll be given the opportunity to sit down with the doctor so that he can learn more about your condition. Additionally, he will explain all of the details about the office.

You will also be given an opportunity to undergo a complete Structural Chiropractic Examination should you decide that our process makes sense.

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Many people are hesitant when it comes to chiropractic and we understand why. For this reason, we offer an easy way to find out what chiropractic is, how we are different, and what condition we are looking for.

The way to talk with us is to schedule a complimentary consultation. In our office, a consultation is a conversation, NOT a commitment. We will discuss your health condition and talk about how we may be able to help. We also will discuss how our office runs and answer any other questions.

The consultation usually takes more or less, about twenty minutes, after which you may choose to have an examination. There is no obligation. We just want you to know that exam blocks are always available immediately following a consultation.

Now let’s say that you’re just curious about chiropractic, the varieties of chiropractic care, and what sets us apart from other chiropractors in the area, but you don’t necessarily want to sit down with the doctor. No problem…we got you covered. Every two weeks, Dr. Baylard presents a 20 – 30 minute workshop that will have you walking away a chiropractic genius. At the end of the presentation there is even a Q&A where any and all questions are answered, including duration of care, insurance, finances and just about anything you could ever want to now. Please be so kind as to let us know that you’re coming by calling our office at 636.938.4414.

Schedule your consultation

At Maximum Chiropractic, a consultation is a conversation; not an examination and certainly not a high-pressure sales pitch common in the chiropractic profession.

When you visit our practice, two things will happen:

  1. We will get to know you.
  2. You will get to know Maximum Chiropractic, and how we may be able to help you achieve better health.

We will provide you with an overview of chiropractic, and the explain how our focus –Structural Correction- is quite different than traditional chiropractic. Most importantly, we’ll determine if this can be the solution you’ve been searching for to achieve optimal health.
Following your consultation with Dr. Baylard, you are more than welcome to schedule a complete Structural Chiropractic Examination.

Once again, there is no charge for our consultation, and there will be no high-pressure sales gimmicks.
To schedule your appointment at Maximum Chiropractic, call 636.938.4414 or fill out the form below.

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